January News

Greetings from the Kemp’s in South Africa,    As we look back on 2015 . . .       20 Things We Learned Living Among the Zulu’s in 2015 Half of my neighbors have HIV/Aids. I spend an average monthly salary for the Zulu every two trips to the gas station. A child calls nearly all adult ladies “mama.” They don’t know what it is to have a “mama” in any western minded sense. “It takes a village” isRead more

Our container is loaded and on its way!

Hi Everyone, As of Thursday morning, our shipping container is loaded! Your prayers were answered. We loaded it quickly (4 hours), and with no rain. Most significantly everything fit like a glove! In about three months the container will arrive in Johannesburg! By God’s grace we will be there about a month ahead of the container.  Loading the container. ​ ​ ​Giving thanks for God’s blessing. Thanks again for your prayers!!!, Scott and ErinRead more

VBS, VISAs, and Shipping Container Arrives Tomorrow!!!

Hi everyone, We have 62 days till we fly to South Africa. Things are moving fast! VBS-  The Kemp boys have smiles on their exhausted faces. This week they are enjoying 2 VBS’s, with a day camp squeezed in between. It is a critical week for moving a lot of big heavy boxes, and having the boys safely engaged elsewhere is very helpful. VISA’s- We are sending our volunteer VISA applications to the New York branch of the South AfricanRead more

110 and Other Numbers.

Hi Friends, Greetings from New Sewickley, Pennsylvania. The countdown clock reads: 110 days, 21 hours, and 35 minutes. When the clock reads zero, United Airlines Flight 3777 will take off from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 18 hours and 22 minutes later our trans-Atlantic journey will terminate at Tambo Field, Johannesburg, South Africa. We will gather our 21 pieces of luggage, (14 checked, 7 carry on), and enter into our southern hemisphere ministry. We are busy preparing for that departure,Read more

We Have Tickets!

Hello Folks, We have great news! We are leaving for South Africa on August 26th, 2014. Tickets came available for $6,010, (a huge discount), so we took advantage of the deal. We can hardly wait to get started in Africa. Thank you for your part in helping make this possible! Anticipating the upcoming departure, we have some major prayer requests.  Please pray:  1)For us to raise the additional $1,122 per month that we need to get to 100% support byRead more

Kemp Connection Catching Up!

Hi all, We have had a busy spring and summer. Our intent has been to keep everyone updated through our Newsletter, Facebook, and our blog. We have not forgotten the blog, and will catch everyone up with our past newsletters and more frequent updates. Thanks for following!!! ScottRead more

The Final Push, Less Than 20% To Go!

Hello Friends, As many of you know, we are in the swing of our final push towards 100% support which will allow us to leave for Africa! We are not slowing down, but accelerating toward the finish. We have less than 20% daily support left to raise and can’t wait to reach South Africa. Those in the townships are facing 60% lifetime unemployment. About 30% of the folks in townships have HIV/Aids. 1,000 South Africans are dying every day of HIV/Aids,Read more

Over the River and Through the Woods

Christmas Greetings from Guatemala, Over the river and through the woods has taken on new meaning. We are wishing you a Merry Christmas this year from Guatemala City, Guatemala. For the first time in 6 years we are at Erin’s home. Our journey began on December 4th in Huntsville, AL. Two days later we were crossing the border from Laredo, TX, to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Five days later we were through Mexico and into Guatemala. We had no significant difficulties. WeRead more

One Year Of Missions

Hello all, Missions is not what I expected. It is far more and far less. For some, we are seen as heroes of the faith, living out the call to “take up your cross and follow Me” in a radical way. For others, we are nuisances, dinosaurs of modernity who should have found something better to do with their time than take from churches and change perfectly good cultures with an archaic message. So be it, but for the Kemp family our journey has been lessRead more

7 Week Tour Wrap Up

Dear Friends, We have officially wrapped up our “7 week tour.” During our trip, we were thankful for your partnership with us as we traveled through 15 states and experienced a full schedule of ministry. Our time began in western Pennsylvania at the beautiful “Seneca Hills Bible Camp” as we presented the ministry to 2 back-to-back children’s camps. Then 2 days later we presented at “Camp Victory” in Southern Alabama, near the Florida state line. Special thanks to the childrenRead more