Our Survey Trip

Erin, Stephen and I got back from South Africa 2 weeks ago, and have been on something of a whirlwind tour ever since. We arrived back in Pittsburgh on a Wednesday, and I had the privilege of being at a Bible conference in New York on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Following that, we spoke at Christ Bible Church this past Sunday, and will speak at another local church this weekend. . . whew, busy!

Our time in Johannesburg was wonderful and informative. We visited 3 church services, met over 5 pastors and got to know many of the 10 BMW missionary families serving in the area. Most importantly, we gained clarity for what our ministry will look like here. I will be working as a church planter and leadership developer. We will start off in Johannesburg in a European style church, helping to transfer it from missionary leadership to national leadership. While serving there, I will be teaching African pastors in local townships. After 1-2 years we hope to move close to a township and develop a more formal training school in a 3rd world setting.

Many faithful pastors are serving the churches in townships and villages. Most of them have very little formal Bible education. Some of them don’t own a Bible. These are the pastors that we will be seeking to equip. We will help them get a Bible, and teach them how to study it and teach it. We may need to teach some of them to read.

South Africa has over 4.1 million orphans. About 1/2 of them are HIV/AIDS orphans. The reality is that we will see folks suffering from HIV/AIDS every day. This means that the churches with whom we will be working know many orphans personally. They have a responsibility to care for widows and orphans in distress. Part of our ministry will include equipping churches to take personal responsibility for the orphans in and around their community.

Over the next year, our plan is to speak in as many churches as possible. By Gods grace, we will be arriving in Johannesburg in one year.

Please pray for us as we share with churches about the ministry to which God has called us.

For the Master,


2 Timothy 2:2