January 2013 Update

Hello all,

We began our website back in September of this year. Following that we immediately went to South Africa for a survey trip. When we returned to the US our tour of churches began. While we have been sending out regular updates, we have not been posting them on our site. We hope to change that now and begin posting all of our activity on this blog. Be on the look out for our next update.

The Kemps

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead!”
1 Peter 1:3

1 response to January 2013 Update

  1. paula sauls says:

    Erin,I have been praying for you and your family since we met at grace church in arab alabama.I pray that THE LORD JESUS CHRIST would give you grace.Jesus Christ is worthy of everything.Please seek to live a Holy Obedient life glorifying our LORD AND MASTER in all things.My husband started driving a truck monday so he can spread the TRUE GOSPEL all over the country.my heart stays heavy often for so many lost people in south africa and all over the world,how can so many people be deceived?Everywhere i go everyday to the streets people say that they are saved but they live a disobedient life i exhort people daily and tell them to examine themselves according to the word of GOD not their friend or neighbor or even the preacher because so many of the preachers are lost my husband was one of them for 27 tears only THE ONLY TRUE GOD THE LORD JESUS CHRIST couls raise a dead person and make them alive PRAISE BE TO GOD God chose me God saved only to Glorify Himself.We support Grace to you and Heartcry ministries but have been praying about helping some body in the field who is ministering to lost people and poor people.Do you help the hungry and thirsty as you share the gospel?Please e mail me back i want to be sure that you are sharing the TRUE GOEPEL OF GRACE REPENTANCE AND FAITH All of these are gifts from God.GOD ALONE REGENERATES OUR HEARTS.Please pray for us as we continue to find a true church who preaches the true gospel Lordship salvation,and who live a holy obedient life glorifying GOD AND ARE FULFILLING THE GREAT COMMISSION IN THEIR EVERYDAY LIVES MAKING DISCIPLES AND TEACHING OTHERS TO DO WHAT the LORD JESUS CHRIST HAS COMMANDED US TO DO.I love you all and will continue to pray for all the people who you will love and share the precious Gospel of our Lord and master GRACE to you all paula sauls a true believer who loves the Lord more than my own life.


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