3 Cup Lunch

Hello all,

Pennsylvania has welcomed us back warmly. We are enjoying our “tour of churches” here. On  March 10th, I had the privilege to preach two times at our sending church, Christ Bible Church. . . what a blessing to be in the pulpit, expositing Psalm 29 and Psalm 4, with a congregation that is very dear to us. I also had the joy of playing guitar and singing with our music team.
Then last Sunday we had the blessing of being at the three services of Grace Baptist Church of Monroeville. What a gracious and supportive congregation. The Tucker family took us out for an eventful meal. (When one has 5 boys, eventful is not necessarily a desired adjective for anything!) Tim and Mary Beth were wonderfully supportive of us as our youngest three boys unleashed the watery contents of 3 full cups all before the food arrived! Against all the laws of Murphy, no one got wet, and we left with full stomachs from the food and full hearts from the fellowship we had with precious saints.
Our days are now filled with the organized chaos of homeschooling, diaper changing and box packing. Beulah Baptist Church, just a couple of miles down our very road has graciously offered free missionary housing to our family. We will be taking advantage of that provision as it will help us manage our move by getting little feet out of the way of big boxes.
Please pray for us in the following ways: 
1. For wisdom in major decision making.
2. For favor with the various churches and individuals with whom we meet.
3. For stamina and good health for the family.
4. For packing out our belongings and deciding what to keep, sell, or give away.
5. For wisdom in buying things that are cheap here, and very expensive in S. Africa, such as quality clothing (clothing there is lower quality and much higher price)
5. For future invitations to speak at churches and meet folks to talk about God’s work in S. Africa.
6. Pray for the finances necessary to do the ministry. . . there is a financial breakdown below (several folks have requested this information). Keep in mind that numbers are approximate, because giving changes month to month.
Per Deum: 
Needed Daily Support in South Africa = $6,600 per month
Total approximate incoming currently:            45% support (~$3,000.00)
Total pledged income (approximately)            64% support (~4,200.00)
Total pledged support needed by June           80% support  (~5,200.00)     -We need this by June to make BMW’s Pre-field training in July, 2013. If we don’t have 80%, then we must wait till July of 2014.
Moving Costs:
Total moving costs:                           $44,600 *
Total giving toward moving costs:        $17,000
Remaining needs for moving costs:     $27,600
*This figure includes: vehicle purchase in S.A.; Home school curriculum for 4 years (total of 9 grades of school needed to purchase); Plane tickets for 7;
 housing appliances on 220 versus 110, etc.
For the Savior,
Scott and Erin

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