7 Week Tour

Hi all,

We pray that this update finds you worshiping our Creator and faithfully serving Him!
7 Week Tour
On Sunday afternoon we left on a nearly two month “tour” of varying locations.
Here is our itinerary for the next 7 weeks:
Week 1  Seneca Hills Bible Camp, Polk, PA, as a missionary speaker.
Week 2  Camp Victory, Sampson, AL, as a missionary speaker.
Week 3-4  Atlanta, GA, for pre-field training.
Week 5  Oklahoma, to say goodbye to Erin’s paternal grandparents; they are in their 90s.
Week 6  Winona Lake, Indiana, for BMW’s yearly conference.
Week 7  Back to PA for speaking at additional churches.
During these 7 weeks we are continuing to present at new churches.
As I type this, we are finishing up week 1. Tomorrow we begin a trek down south for a series of speaking engagements and meetings.
Packing Done! (Well, 95% done!)
We worked for over two months on selling, sorting, and packing our earthly goods.
We want to give special thanks to all those who volunteered hours of sweat equity to help us! We could not have done it without you. More than a dozen people have helped in specific tangible ways. Thank You!!!
State of the Move Address
Each year, the President of the United States gives a “State of the Union” address. Well, we are getting close to our first anniversary of being “BMW” missionaries.
Here is a timeline of the past year’s events: 
July 2012 We officially became BMW missionaries.
August 2012 We made a survey trip to Johannesburg.
October 2012 We spoke at our first church as BMW missionaries.
December 2012 Scott’s last day on staff at Christ Bible Church.
April 2013 We moved out of our house, and into temporary missions housing in order to pack for the trans-Atlantic move.
July 2013 We are headed to pre-field training this month.
Through it all, God has been faithful.
The Path Forward
We have one obstacle standing in our way to getting to South Africa. 
That obstacle is reaching 100% support. 
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and to those who have given so generously! We are way ahead of the average pace for missions fund-raising. For that we give glory to God.
So, where exactly are we in our support raising? 
We are over 1/3 of our moving expenses, with news of more coming in regularly.
We are over 70% of our daily needs.
How quickly do we expect to be able to leave? 
There is no way to know for sure, but we are ready whenever the funds come in.
So, what would it take in order to depart?
It will take getting to 100% of daily support and moving expenses.
Daily Support
We need about $2,100 more per month to get to 100% of daily support.
1% of our daily support is $67.00.
It would take 10 people/churches giving $210 per month.
It would take 20 people/churches giving $105 per month.
It would take 40 people/churches giving $52.50 per month.
It would take 60 people/churches at $33.50 per month.
It would take 120 people/churches at $16.75 per month.
Moving Expenses
(Including: plane tickets, vehicle purchase, shipping container, home-schooling books, etc.)
We have raised $16,640.
We need an additional $27,960.
What can you do to help?
1. Pray!
2. Help us connect with new churches and supporters.
3. Consider contributing financially.
For the Great Commission,
Scott and Erin Kemp
256-503-8051 (Scott’s Cell)
256-509-1066 (Erin’s Cell)

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