7 Week Tour Wrap Up

Dear Friends,

We have officially wrapped up our “7 week tour.” During our trip, we were thankful for your partnership with us as we traveled through 15 states and experienced a full schedule of ministry. Our time began in western Pennsylvania at the beautiful “Seneca Hills Bible Camp” as we presented the ministry to 2 back-to-back children’s camps. Then 2 days later we presented at “Camp Victory” in Southern Alabama, near the Florida state line.

Special thanks to the children and staff at “Camp Victory” who raised over $1000 for the ministry to orphans in South Africa.

As you can see above, the campers had a lot of questions about missions, and we took great joy in ministering the gospel to them. Following our time at camp, we traveled to Atlanta where we attended our “Pre-Field Training” school at our missions headquarters.

Nathanael (age 3) holding his “pet” turtle.

Along the way, the boys were able to attend camp and interact with  a variety of critters including over 8 turtles, many frogs, toads, fish, one roadkill alligator, and dead rattlesnake. One particular joy was discovering a toad that was functioning as a pocket warmer; poor toad . . . poor mom!

During camp, the boys got involved both in the activities and in the presentations. They sang, recited scripture, gave testimony, answered questions, and as you can see, Joseph displayed the traditional dress of a Zulu warrior.

Interesting Fact:  There are approximately ten million Zulus in Africa. The majority of Zulu’s live in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Following “pre-field training,” we traveled to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, where we visited Great-grandpa and Great-grandma Spaugh (Erin’s father’s mother and father).  This reunion was bittersweet as we said goodbye to them possibly for the last time this side of eternity.

Following our visit with family in Oklahoma, we made our way to our agencies first annual “Appointee Retreat.” This year it was held in Indiana just outside of Warsaw.

From there we traveled to Chicago for Scott to meet with a long time spiritual hero, Dr. James Sire. What a special time of fellowship and learning. JFYI, “The Universe Next Door”ought to be required reading for every high school junior or senior. It will prepare them to stand firm amid all of the belief systems they will surely encounter during their college years.

On Joseph’s 13th birthday we visited the “Willis Tower,” (formerly “The Sear’s Tower”).

We are continuing to visit churches and share our ministry of training pastors in South Africa to minister in the worst HIV/Aids pandemic in the world. We are at about 75% support. We are targeting early 2014 to arrive in South Africa, but that date is contingent on getting to 100% support. Please pray as we depend on God for the remaining funds.

For the only true God,
Scott and Erin Kemp

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