Over the River and Through the Woods

Christmas Greetings from Guatemala,

Over the river and through the woods has taken on new meaning. We are wishing you a Merry Christmas this year from Guatemala City, Guatemala. For the first time in 6 years we are at Erin’s home. Our journey began on December 4th in Huntsville, AL. Two days later we were crossing the border from Laredo, TX, to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Five days later we were through Mexico and into Guatemala. We had no significant difficulties. We are thankful. Erin’s parents were able to travel with us, and with their 25 years of experience as missionaries in Guatemala, the trip was made all the easier.

Inline image 1

At Erin’s first home in Guatemala on the campus of “Guatemala Bible Seminary.”

Christmas in Guatemala will be somewhat different than in the United States. On Christmas Eve we will visit with friends and likely enjoy Christmas tamales and Christmas “punch” which is like hot apple cider with raisins, pineapple, papaya, plums, and other fruit. Erin has special memories of these times and it is wonderful to share them with our boys.

Inline image 3

Taken along road in Southern Mexico.

Another tradition that the boys may find more exciting is millions of firecrackers, many much larger than would be legal in the US, exploding simultaneously at midnight on Christmas Eve and at 6 AM on Christmas Day. The same basic scenario but to a lesser extent happens on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The most important part of celebrating Christ’s birth here is that the boys get to be at Grandmamma’s and Granddaddy’s house for the first time in their life (with the exception of Isaiah, who came when he was 9 months old). It is a special time for all. It is all the more special because they are getting to see Erin’s parent’s ministry first hand. We are thankful for the opportunity to show them their rich spiritual heritage in action.

Inline image 2

Erin’s Parents, Ken and Cindy Spaugh

Watching Erin’s parents faithfully serving on the mission field is great preparation for us as we anticipate going to South Africa. Speaking of that, we picked up another church this month and are moving toward our goals at a good pace. If the Lord allows, we hope to be in South Africa sometime in the spring. Nothing stands in our way of departing except finances, and the Lord has that in His hands to give at His will. Would you join us in praying for His good pleasure in sending us soon?

With many thanks for your partnership in our ministry!

Merry Christmas!

Scott, Erin, and the Boys


Please send any financial contributions to:

Biblical Ministries Worldwide

1595 Herrington Road

Lawrenceville, GA 30043

For more information on giving, please visit:  www.kempconnection.com

We still need $1600 more per month to be able to depart. In addition we must raise $25,000  more for our plane tickets and other moving expenses. We have about 80% of our daily support at this time.

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