The Final Push, Less Than 20% To Go!

Hello Friends,

As many of you know, we are in the swing of our final push towards 100% support which will allow us to leave for Africa! We are not slowing down, but accelerating toward the finish. We have less than 20% daily support left to raise and can’t wait to reach South Africa.

Those in the townships are facing 60% lifetime unemployment. About 30% of the folks in townships have HIV/Aids. 1,000 South Africans are dying every day of HIV/Aids, leaving 3,500 new orphans per week. Many village pastors have practically no Bible training; many do not own a Bible.  The village and township churches are in closest proximity to those in need. They desperately need training and encouragement.

Remembering Guatemala

We started 2014 with a bang in Guatemala City, Guatemala. We have now arrived back in the US having driven the length of Mexico. Thank you for your prayers during our trip! All of our boys including our 18-month-old “Stephen” are saying “Hola,” “Adios,” and “Gracias.” Some of them have boldly proclaimed that they have learned Spanish. . . we assured them that language acquisition involves more than a handful of words.

The boys enjoyed seeing Mommy’s home and baking Christmas cookies with Grandmother. They also enjoyed many Guatemalan traditions at Christmas, and maybe, most importantly, they were privileged to see the grandparents’ missions work, including hearing their grandfather preach in Spanish. We are thankful for the special time God gave us.

Inline image 1

At “El Tejin,” an active archaeological site in Mexico, where we saw Aztec ruins.

Inline image 3

The boys holding a baby Alligator in Louisiana.

The Road Ahead-

1. Visit churches until we reach 100% daily support and 100% moving expenses.

We are thankful to be back in the swing of church meetings and the work of support raising. A few weeks ago Scott had the joy of preaching 3 times to a group of nearly 100 high-school and college students at Camp Victory in south Alabama. Thank you to everyone who encouraged us during that time.

The following week we traveled to Suffolk, Virginia, to present our ministry at a missions conference. We were nearly stranded there by the snow, but we had some great local friends who opened their home for a few days and let us wait out the weather. 

Last week we visited a church and were thankful to receive support pledges from several families. With this support, we have just $1335.00 per month left to raise in order to get to 100%. This means we are now raising the final 20% of our daily support!!!

2. When we get very close to 100% (95%+) we will schedule our shipping container, apply for our visas, and purchase our airline tickets. 

Please pray for this to happen quickly!

Prayer Requests

We would love to be able to leave before Stephen, our youngest, turns two on May 18th, if this happened we would save the cost of one airline ticket.

Pray for us to be a blessing to the churches and people we meet.

Pray for safety and family unity in keeping a busy traveling schedule.

Pray that we would get 100% of our support (monthly – $1335 more needed, and moving expenses $19,700 in one time gifts) by mid-May.

Please pray that the Lord will connect us with churches, individuals, and businesses who will partner with us. This is probably our biggest need at the moment.

Our Itinerary for February and the beginning of March

Jan. Traveled back through Mexico, presented at 2 conferences

Feb. 2nd Preached in Arab, AL

Feb. 9th Tomorrow, in Oxford, AL

Feb. 16th In Huntsville, AL

Feb. 20-21st In Florence, AL

Feb. 22-24th In Shreveport, LA

Feb. 28-March 1 In Atlanta, GA (Erin and little ones will stay till the 2nd week of March)

March 3-8th Fly to Los Angeles, CA (Scott)

March 8th Fly to Phoenix, AZ, to be with a supporting church

March 11th Fly back to Atlanta from Phoenix

Thank you for keeping us before His throne. We covet your prayers and we are ready to go . . . emotionally and physically . . . our house has been packed for 9 months now.  It is our desire to settle our family in Africa and leave these gypsy trails.

For the Gospel,

Scott, Erin, and the boys

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