VBS, VISAs, and Shipping Container Arrives Tomorrow!!!

Hi everyone,

We have 62 days till we fly to South Africa. Things are moving fast!
The Kemp boys have smiles on their exhausted faces.
This week they are enjoying 2 VBS’s, with a day camp squeezed in between. It is a critical week for moving a lot of big heavy boxes, and having the boys safely engaged elsewhere is very helpful.
We are sending our volunteer VISA applications to the New York branch of the South African Consulate soon. Preparing the documents has been a multi-week process of gathering the necessary forms and getting them filled out correctly. If the South African government approves the VISA’s, we will have 3 years to “volunteer” there before applying again.
Shipping Container-
Our shipping container arrives tomorrow around 10 AM! This is a big deal.
We will have 2 hours to load it before additional fees are incurred per hour.
The container is 20x8x8, and will remain on a Semi during loading. We have a great crew ready to help, and by God’s grace we will have it loaded soon!
Please Pray-
That we can quickly and safely load everything on the container, in dry weather!
That our VISA’s come back approved without any changes needed.
For our boy’s to be safe during the coming days.
For our remaining support needs.
Remaining financial needs-
About $700 per month, we are now just above 90% support!
About $6,000 for moving expenses.
For His Glory,
Scott and Erin

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